Episode 174, “We are the 1%”

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New skins and hairstyles planned for Warlords character models

Someone read the script….

Hearthstone: Season 2 begins!

Blizzard implementing callback support

MoP will see another PvP season (15)

Razer survey http://assets.razerzone.com/eeimages/esports_news/15533/wow-infographics.jpg


How to be a hunter

Leveling 1-about 43 was easy, then it dropped off.

What spec? I used BM.

All heirlooms except weapon

Not much difference between leather and mail except armor

Hunters get an agility bonus of all mail (lol)

The hunt for the right pet

Dimiss your pet!


Leveling isn’t TOO bad, it would be nice if I could spend more time in some zones and less in others. Like having scalable questing.

Pissy tank


Fully PVP geared (Tyrannical)

Wintergrasp also good option + banners

Hour+ queues for Horde

An amazing Eye of the Storm victory

Sky Golem

More skymirror fun


Legendary Chapter 3

Wife aggro PVP (also xmog bug)

Arena, Warlock or Fistweaver

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