Episode 173, “This is my exotic leather guild”

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Blizzard Customer Support warns of dangerous Trojan

Today is the last day for Winter Veil

Warlords of Draenor Level 90 Boost Survey, Blue Tweets, 10 Death Knight Heroic ToT

Is leveling worth it anymore?

What do you get out of it?

Should we be able to pay for all toons or just one?

After 10 years, does anyone still like leveling?

New Year’s Eve server connectivity issues


Reddit Secret Santa gift


Guild! Learning to GM


Revisiting Heroics post-Timeless

Glory of Pandaria Hero achieves


Skymirror and the onslaught of spiders and dinosaurs

and special tricks for monks



Finished up some achievements

Starting serious work on getting my legendary done

What to do with a guild after break and most people hit 90?

Laid back a bit. Took a break from the grind.

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