Episode 170, “Two druids, one lock”

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Patch 5.4.2

In-game raid/world boss LFG that works

O->Raid->Other Raids

Account-bound items can now be mailed cross-server/faction

In-game store now live. (note location)

Some stuff on sale.

Monks still overpowered

Customer service button moved (but I still see it)

Game menu->Help



How to break OQ

Arenas – got a chestpiece

ICC 25 broken, but cust. service to the rescue!

Farming still working out on Sunsong.


Healing Celestials, fight mechanics

PVP build, Tol Barad farming easy honor (ohhh the memories!)

Ugh Mage, and DK for that matter.

OMG NICE PEOPLE, pet, lock, wipe

Galactic Starfighter

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