Episode 169, “Like a stoned Spongebob”

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Warcraft Movie Cast Revealed

Robert Kazinsky, Warcraft movie actor, reveals he is a huge WoW fan

Blizzard’s Black Friday sale extended to Jan. 1, 2014

Ghostcrawler leaves Blizzard


Timeless Isle – 20k XP/kill at 89, even the little turtles.

Farming ore. More like farming BORE.

BS still at 400.

So. Boring.

Finished wing 3 of SoO LFR.

Started battlegrounds again.

Druid to 90.

Tillers to Exalted on more toons.

Motes of Harmony

BTW: Potion of luck and mischievous snow sprites = motes

About 20 Golden Lotus’ a day



Skinning night (northrend gorillas sholazar mammoths)

Actual farming for Trillium for mount

Karazhan for mounts, pets and…accidental LORE


Level 21 guild & taxi flight speed

Faction PVP on Timeless

Neutral Panda guy still at it – Level 76

Jinyulocs http://www.wowwiki.com/Jinyu

Pilgrim done. Never again.

Rogue hit 70

A touch of shadow priesting (23)

Swifty Swatted

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