Episode 168, “Everybody loves Nagrand”

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New Make-A-Wish charity bundle – mount and pet

New female forsaken models from WoW Source (haven’t watched yet)

Pilgrim’s Bounty Mon 25th

WoW’s 9th anniversary past Monday, buff for rep and XP til Dec 2

Conan plays WoW

Not a topic to spend a lot of time on – but the flying in 6.1 issue

Who has frozen runes still? (I have 7)

What other items that are no longer obtainable do you have?

Blizzard Student Art Contest


Re-specced healer

Timeless tokens for spec & alts

Running all raids again for wife

Fight mechanics

Accidentally geared myself

Inventory/Banks/Mats oh my


Transferring professions – harder than it looks.

Started PvP with engineering on my rogue

Nitro boots drop the flag

Rocket launcher is neat, but necessary?

Parachute rocks in AB

Engineering overview

Neat mounts

Neat toys

Neat pets



Living Steel transmute is on an alchemist

Guns, other weapons

Gathering (mining)

Adamantite and Cobalt ore SUCK

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