Episode 158, “Money buys you happy things”

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Diablo III out for consoles

Announcing WoW Insider and Wowhead’s Reader Meetup at BlizzCon 2013

Patch 5.4: Bashiok talks raid difficulty and unlock schedule

Blizzard reveals Siege of Orgrimmar raid schedule

September 10 – Patch 5.4 Release


Flex Wing 1 “Vale of Eternal Sorrows”

September 17

Heroic (Normal Garrosh kill required)

Flex Wing 2 “Gates of Retribution”

Raid Finder Wing 1 “Vale of Eternal Sorrows”

September 24

Raid Finder Wing 2 “Gates of Retribution”

October 1

Flex Wing 3 “The Underhold”

October 8

Raid Finder Wing 3 “The Underhold”

October 15

Flex Wing 4 “Downfall”

October 22

Raid Finder Wing 4 “Downfall”

Reminder: Connected Realms will not be turned on immediately

StarCraft II Art Tools Open Beta available


More Hearthstone.

Beta open in the EU

Is this pay to win only?

Can you beat people that spend hundreds of dollars on cards?

I’ve been finding that it’s all about how well your cards work together.

I did a live stream on Twitch. May do it again.

Thanks to Zarhym for the backdrop!



No Hearthstone

Getting toons in order to gear for 5.4

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