Episode 134, “How to succeed in battlegrounds without really trying”

| February 28, 2013 | Reply

Blizzard confirms no cross platform play for Diablo 3 on PS4
Thunder King trailer
Heart of the Storm trailer
Who’s going to Nerdtacular?

This Week:
Formal Dangui dropped.
Lots of PvP. Capped out everything I wanted to do with PvE except Operation faction.
Will still do PvE, but waiting for 5.2
Trying to get as much Conquest Points before 5.2
Got full set of blue PvP gear, first epic PvP piece.

DK Leveling (at 89, return to the main!, former PVP main)
aside: I can riff on PVP, so don’t have much to add here
Changes to Mages/DK/Monk in 5.2

How to succeed in battlegrounds without really trying.

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