Episode 132 is up, “Crap! I’m a Death Knight!”

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This Week:
Mike –
Exalted with Klaxxi finally.
Still fiddling with DPS output. Working on getting a trinket.
Ran LFR, finished the token quest. DPS up a little bit but not where I want it.

Eric –
Hellscream Shake
Love is in the Air
Scholomance – the pictures follow you.
Moar Nubs and rogue

WoW down to 9.6M subscribers
Raptr rewards gives you an Alliance or Horde shirt for your Xbox avatar
Love is in the Air – get your meta going
5.0 cross-realm raiding in 5.2
Cache loot buffed in 5.2
Valor in 5.2 will stay, Conquest will still convert to Honor
5.2 supposed to be here the end of Feb, says Bashiok

Weekly topic – Does WoW seem too easy to vets or is this par for the course for new players that have never seen an MMO before?

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