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For the last few weeks I’ve been having a horrible time with heroics. Speaking from the point of view of someone who started in vanilla WoW, the game no longer allows people to fly through heroics like in Wrath, and I find it refreshing. The problem is that some people got used to the ease of Wrath heroics, which really weren’t very heroic in the first place.

I wrote an article a few days ago about whether or not people have gotten soft about heroics. This is more of an an update to that article with ways to handle the issues of getting booted, bad groups, and other unpleasantries that come with today’s heroic problems.

Keep as many guildies in your group as possible. This will allow better communication outside the time when you’re running the heroic. You can all talk over Vent, or discuss on your guild’s forums. It’s a lot better to run with people that are more forgiving.

If you were pulled into a heroic midway, ask why. As a DPS, I find that if I was pulled in, chances are the last DPS wasn’t very good, or the group itself was so bad that a DPS left. Ask what happened and see if you can adjust your gameplay based on what they tell you. Of course, what they tell you can be a complete lie; it’s always good to be on guard.

Don’t blow stat food or flasks until you get a vibe for the group. This is a rule I started just two days ago. I used to eat stat food and die within two minutes of eating it. The fish I need for the food doesn’t have pools, so farming it isn’t easy and I feel like I need to conserve what I have. Time is money. The same goes for flasks. My flasks go for 120 gold on my AH, so I have to use another character to farm the mats. With a one hour timer on the flask and a 45 minute wait for another heroic, it’s like throwing money away.

Be friendly. If someone screws up, either blatantly or otherwise, simply take a deep breath and suggest different tactics. Offer what you can to help keep the group from wiping.

Know your class. I can’t emphasize this enough. So many times I’ve seen mages not sheep, shamans not hex, druids not group heal. It’s frustrating to be in a group with a mage while playing my healer and see them make blatant mistakes. Similarly, if you’re a tank, don’t AOE around CC’d mobs. The worst thing you can do is break CC on a mob that needs to stay out of commission.

Don’t ragequit. I have to admit that I’ve done this. I did it just now (which prompted me to write this) because the healer just wouldn’t heal and since he was a guildie of two others in the group, my kick vote didn’t pass. So we wiped two more times within 20 seconds of the first Heroic: TotT boss (which is so damn easy), so I left because I knew my time was better spent elsewhere. However, I have been in groups where we wiped, but not for stupid reasons (such as the healer being on the phone). It’s possible for PuGs to work together, but unfortunately it’s not the norm. A few days ago I was in a PuG where we went through five healers, two tanks, and a few DPS. We eventually finished, but it was tough. In another run, we stayed together and worked out the problems like a team. Had I quit, I wouldn’t have finished it. Patience is probably just as important as anything in today’s heroics.

Don’t take criticism (too) harshly. One thing I despise is when people tell me I wasn’t doing my job when I was. For example, told I didn’t sheep when I did, or that I didn’t remove a curse when I did. There are addons for that such as Big Brother and Recount. However, there are times when perhaps you didn’t do something right. Yesterday I blinked into an explosion that happened the instant I came out of the blink. My own fault. Giving criticism shouldn’t be harsh. Ask what happened. Everyone makes mistakes.

Befriend a tank. Tanks get in instantly, so making friends with one is probably a good idea.

Until people get better at heroics, we’re all going to have to handle things the way they are. I hope this list gives some good ideas to help your experience. If you have any other ideas, post them in the forums or in the comments below.

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  1. Lapienegro says:

    First off, it’s good to see some activity on the site again after a several-month hiatus. I have been a listener of the podcast for a couple years and have missed regular episodes over the last few month. Hopefully, we’ll see another before too long?

    Secondly, great advise on how to get the most out of heroics and avoid the all-too-common “fail group.” I have been in about a half dozen Heroic dungeons with varying degrees of success. Certainly the most successful (and fun) groups I have been in are the one’s where people understand that these are difficult instances and try to learn from their mistakes. There’s nothing worse than an antagonistic A-hole blaming everyone else for failure or the blundering dumb-dumb who fails to learn from his/her mistakes. Be patient, offer (and gracefully accept) constructive criticism, work together, and you’ll be in a full set of ilevel 346 gear before you know it.

  2. Josiah says:

    I get what you’re saying about knowing your class, but I am facing a different problem when running dungeons. I recently shifted from my main from a warlock to a mage. Since Cataclysm dropped, I have been concentrating on leveling my mage rather than running dungeons. Now when I have started running dungeons, I am finding that I need to do crowd control as a mage, but I am uncertain as to which baddie to sheep. When you’re starting out with Cataclysm dungeons, how do you figure out who needs to be crowd controlled?


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