Has everyone gotten soft about heroics?

| December 20, 2010 | 5 Replies

I’m going to do my best to make this not sound like a rant.

I’ve been playing MMORPGs for over ten years now, WoW for six. One thing I liked about Burning Crusade was how the devs made the instances much shorter than the previous vanilla instances like Dire Maul or UBRS, and Wrath allowed players to do what they need in under an hour (and less as we got better gear).

Let me say this: I like the new heroics, but I’m getting tired of people leaving them in the middle because someone didn’t play perfectly. I think that Wrath made people soft. Blizzard designed some truly amazing instances in Cataclysm such as Vortex Pinnacle, but the attitude players seem to have is that if they don’t finish the entire instance in 45m or less, they get impatient and leave. This has happened to me several times already where a somewhat decent group of people falls apart because the tank isn’t pulling the boss outside the column of fire far enough, or the healer is running out of mana. These are problems that can be corrected in certain ways such as paying more attention to the boss’ position or getting spirit food. There are always ways to correct problems, and the game doesn’t allow you into certain dungeons without minimum average item levels anyway so there should be some responsibility on the players.

I did a Heroic Deadmines run this weekend which took almost three hours because instead of getting all pissy at each other, we learned from our mistakes and finished it. Unfortunately, this isn’t the norm. I’ve finished a total of two heroic instances after trying almost a dozen because teams simply fall apart in frustration.

I don’t want Blizzard to nerf the instances, but I have a feeling that’s what’s going to happen. I’d instead like people to be more patient and understanding in these new instances. I admit, I left two groups because people simply did not learn their role after six attempts and for that I feel that my time is better spent waiting for another group than wiping every three feet on trash or bad boss fights. Last night I was in a Deadmines group where we wiped on trash six times simply because the tank kept breaking my sheep or the shaman’s hex. At that point, I have to thank everyone and bow out gracefully.

So I implore everyone to please be patient and not rag on people that screw up. These new instances are longer than in Wrath and possibly more difficult. Some people aren’t used to the tricks that we have to now learn. As a mage, it’s been a long time since I’ve had to pay this much attention to trash in an instance since most tanks were able to handle most of it without CCing anything.

Let’s get those valor points!

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  1. Phayte says:

    The source of this problem is Wrath of the Lich King and the aptly named “Wrath Babies”. Meaning — players who started playing in Wrath, got to 80, and steam-rolled heroic 5-mans and then jumped into jokingly easy raids like Naxx. The heroics and first raid tier in Wrath were so easy that it didn’t “train” new players on how to play properly. CC? What’s that? Pull everything and AOE it down. And now that these Wrath babies aren’t able to do this, they’re all sad and full of emo.

    As a 6-year veteran of the game I love the changes. Heroic 5-mans are just that: heroic. They are challenging, requiring proper execution of a team as a whole, as well as careful thought about how to handle trash pulls and boss mechanics. I hated playing any DPS class in Wrath because all it was was AOE the place down. I’ve since mained my warlock because it’s just so much fun to have to Fear, Banish, Shadowfury, run around dodging things, while still DPSing down the adds or boss.

    Inevitably, however, it will all get nerfed. The “Wrath babies” and terribles are a much higher percentage of the WoW player base than those good at the game, thus Blizzard will bring out the nerf bat. It’ll be a sad day when it happens. But until then: bring on the challenge!

  2. Trevor says:

    I would like to amend that last sentence to “Let’s EARN those valor points!”. I agree that many players in WoW have gotten too much of a “Give me everything I want and I don’t want to work for it” attitude. Nothing’s wrong with having to pay attention and perhaps put a bit of effort into becoming a good player!

  3. david ferrare says:

    Call me a noob, or rookie, but what i loved about LK was that as a casual player like myself, I could sign on for 45 min before going to bed and heal an instance.

    If i wanted to do something that required constant communication, studying boss fights, and instances that take 90+ min to complete, then i would raid.

    IMO Blizzard should keep the 5 mans for the casuals, and the raids for the hardcore players.

    Also with the random tool you do not know the type of player you are getting. In LK you could cover for a bad dps, or a bad tank, or heal, but now with the 5-mans being so tough, you can not do that. There is no way blizzard can fix a bad player problem. It will just force the tanks and healers to go dps, and create a shortage. (right now DPS takes 30 min on my server).

    Just my 2 cents.

    • Starman says:

      That’s actually a good point. I think what I like about these new instances is that I can do more than AOE. I have to agree that some of the instances are rather long, but I like the challenge. That’s why their called heroics.In vanlla, you’d spend a whole afternoon on one instance. I didn’t necessarily like that. What I’d like is more of a balance between the toughness of the instance and the forgiveness of the game, to a point. I thought of heroics as “mini raids” but I can see why people would be turned off by that.

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