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| August 21, 2010 | 2 Replies
We welcome Christy from Analog Hole Gaming!
Errata about JC
Minicasts coming
Private server bitchslapped
Loremaster and the Everyquest addon
Thoughts on RealID now that it’s been in use for a while
Listener feedback and emails about shammy heal rotation and badges
PvP, uh, good God, what is it good for?

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  1. Jim says:

    Hey guys.
    Let me just start by saying I absolutely love the show and this is really the first time I’ve had any complaints. Also, I play a Pally Tank, Boomkin/Resto Druid, Mage and Hunter (all level 80) and I’ve been playing since vanilla as a pally tank.
    But this episode really bugged me in a few ways. You guys sound pretty ‘noobish’ at a few points.
    Christy in particular sounds like she doesn’t know what she’s talking about when she talks about tanking. I mean, she obviously knows the basics but a few things bugged me:
    1. Pallies not having ranged attacks. We’ve never ranged attacks. You were restricted to exorcism and avenger’s shield. We didn’t even have Taunt for the longest time. Only righteous defence which was only really useful if you set up a series of macro commands to work like taunt. This change only came in when we couldn’t tank the four horsemen so blizz gave us taunt. But also, tanks aren’t supposed to have ranged abilities (it seems). Try playing a bear tank pre-4.0.1… Now pallies get multiple avenger shield procs as well as a 30yrd judgment and holy wrath isn’t limited to undead/demons so stop complaining about ranged, we have it better than bears and probably warriors (I don’t play a warrior).
    2. TYPHOON!! OMFG, why do people complain so much about freakin’ typhoon? Yes, alot of druids use it at the wrong time/place. But it’s a useful ability for the dps AND the tank. Like I said, I play both a boomkin and a tank and I loved typhoon until I started playing a boomkin. I liked that typhoon would knock mobs back and daze them. If you have common sense, you would step back and avenger’s shield. If you do this right, you won’t even get hit for 4-7 seconds by which time the mobs will probably die. And when it knocks the mobs ‘out of the AoE’, it also kites them back through the AoE! while the tank isn’t getting touched. It’s a win for the tank, the dps and the healer. So please STFU about typhoon unless you’re playing with a noob druid.
    3. Aggro. Yes, consecration is a bad spell for pulling mobs… It’s not meant to be used like that… I thought that was obvious. As far as dps not waiting for you to get aggro, that’s the challenge! How boring would tanking be if the dps always waited for you to establish a large amount of aggro before attacking? Running in, gaining some burst aggro off the bat and building more throughout the fight is the whole point of tanking. And guess what, if some OP arcane mage does pull them off you that’s not the time to sit back and whine that you don’t have ranged attacks and the dps didn’t wait long enough. That’s when you suck it up, Taunt (getting you 130% aggro) and bring that effing mob back in line.

    Ok guys, I just wanted to get my thoughts across because those things really bug me. I know Starman, you have little to no experience with a pally tank and Christy has only been playing since January she said. So it’s not a personal attack or anything. Just a disagreement on those points.

    Like I said, I do enjoy the show. This one just managed to get on my nerves a little bit.

    Thanks for the show, I appreciate the work you put into it. Looking forward to the next one.

  2. MageAddict says:

    As a first time listener, and arcane/frost mage, I was elated to hear you discuss mage pvp tactics in depth and detail, which is a rare treat, compared to other podcasts I have listened to. Mage pvp is one of my favorite and most challenging parts of my WOW playing experience. I enjoy the subject matter and flow of the show. I look forward to hearing more. Thanks.

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