Seven things to do while waiting for Cataclysm

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A few weeks ago someone in my guild got the [item]Loremaster[/item] title. I figured it would be easy since I leveled two characters to 60 before Burning Crusade came out, but when I looked at both of their Loremaster achievements, I found that I’m about seven hundred quests away from Loremaster on my main. I also realized that I’ve been neglecting some items in my Achievements window that I could have been working on. We got to talking in guild chat about what things we all want to do before Cataclysm comes out.


This requires you to finish almost 3,000 quests in the game on Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, Outlands, and Northrend. I’m currently so far behind that I’m wondering if I’m ever going to be able to do it all. It’s by far an easier title to get than “The Insane“, but still tough.

In the comments section for this achievement on Wowhead, someone suggested using the addon “Everyquest” which will list all the quests you need to complete. I may try it out.

Get those factions up

Despite my work on “The Insane”, there are some other factions you may want to get up to Revered or Exalted. The Timbermaw comes to mind for their professions-specific recipes. Raising factions can help get achivements as well. The Diplomat, They Love Me In That Tunnel, Ambassador of the Alliance, Ambassador of the Horde, and The Argent Dawn come to mind.

Classic Dungeonmaster

Classic Raider

There’s one raid that my main character hasn’t finished yet – AQ40. When AQ40 was new, we made it all the way to C’Thun, but never killed him. Naxxramas beckoned, and everyone wanted to go there, so we abandoned C’Thun for Kel’Thuzad. So this gray achievement sits in my unfinished list, taunting me. I’ve seen people try and get a group together for AQ40, but not until I’m about to go to bed. These dungeons may be level 60, but don’t underestimate how hard they may be to clothies. A Holy Pally and Warrior/DK tank may be able to dual it, but it won’t hurt to bring friends, especially a lock for the Twin Emperors. If your guild doesn’t want to do it, spam trade chat. I’d bet people are willing to run old dungeons, even if its for rep. Don’t forget your [item]Onyxia Scale Cloak[/item]!

Take pictures. Lots of them.

Once Cataclysm is released, there will be no way to go back to the old world. There’s no phasing as far as the old world is concerned. What I’ve been doing with Alachia and other friends is taking many pictures in an entire area one day a week. The entire photowalk is being archived on Flickr here. You can see some of my other pictures here. If you have a favorite spot, take movies using Fraps in as high a resolution as you can.

Do some of the easy achievements

Some of the General achievements can be done by simply running around Azeroth, killing some critters and showing /love on others. Once Cataclysm comes around, chances are you won’t have time for these little nuggets until much later. If you’re working on Loremaster, you may be able to do some of these along the way.

Create a bank alt

One of my biggest problems is that I horde (no pun intended) a lot of Soulbound items. It’s gotten to the point where the items I don’t need to keep around (Netherweave cloth, Nexus Crystals, etc.) take up room. Why keep them? There’s always someone who’s leveling up an enchanter, or you have some leftovers to make bags. In fact, a lot of the herbs I had lying around were used to level up my alchemist. If you have the character slots, create a bank alt. Give the alt some cheap bags to start, buy some bank slots, and send them all your old stuff.

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  1. aoirselvar says:

    Banks alts, yes a must. My main has soooo many soul bound items, he can’t hold hardly anything now, even with 20 and 22 slot bags. But my problem is that I would make a bank alt, then end up playing him, then make another one, then start leveling that one, and so forth. So, now I have a level 62 disc priest that I’m leveling up that’s named Aoirbank. After that I started giving them better names in case I wanted to level them up.

  2. Rishal says:

    On the subject of using Everyquest for Loremaster… I was originally suggested the addon by another individual and decided to try it out. At its most basic, all the addon does it tell you what quests you have completed in which zone. Which, in itself, is extremely useful. However, I found that if you combined EveryQuest with Carbonite, it was that much better. The Carbonite quest tracker will show you the location of quest givers, while EveryQuest can tell you if you’ve done it or if you CAN do it. A very good combination. And honestly, if you put your mind to it, the “Loremaster” title actually isn’t that bad until you get to the last 10 quests (or so) in each continent. At that point, it’s really just a matter of guess-and-check.

    AQ40 is also the only old world raid I need for Classic Raider. (I recently managed a successful solo of ZG.) The last time I managed to pull a group together, we got as far as the Twin Emperors, but couldn’t seem to stop them from healing each other. >< Very frustrating, but I'll try forming another group eventually. Even if we power through it at level 80, it's still fun to go back and see the old content.

  3. Suzenah says:

    When going for Loremaster, i used only EveryQuestGiver. Remember some questgivers are in chains so not all will talk to you. It’s a challenge trying to figure where to start those.

    As for bank alts, i strongly recommend Altoholic as it will let you see everything held, achieved, learned etc… by every character. It’s the best.

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