Making 1200g in a day using jewelcrafting

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On Episode 105, Lindyen talked about using jewelcrafting to making enough money to make a leprechaun jealous. On Sunday, I tried this on and off all day, and learned a few things about how things work on my server.

Sunday morning I did a search for [item]Cardinal Ruby[/item] on the Auction House. I found nine for 91g each, cut them into [item]Runed Cardinal Ruby[/item], and put two of them up for 108g each. The next highest was 117g and I didn’t want to be undercut too much. The reason for not putting up all nine at once is because I wanted it to look like those two were the last two cheap ones on the AH. If I put too many, it lessens the value of the lower price.

Later that afternoon, I caught that someone wanted 1000g for a [item]Primordial Saronite[/item], [item]Cardinal Ruby[/item] x4, and [item]Dreadstone[/item]x4. The Saronite I sold for 700g, and then I cut the Cardinal Rubies with Runed and sold them for 115g each. The Dreadstones I cut as [item]Mysterious Dreadstone[/item]s and sold them for 108g each. Along with gems I had in the bank, I made a total of 1200g yesterday. Not bad. I just with that jewelcrafting wasn’t so hard to level.

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