Lindyen (re)joins Warcast

| July 31, 2010 | 35 Replies

What a long, strange trip it’s been. As some of you may know, the direction of the show had veered from the hardcore topics we had in the past. At first this seemed like a good idea considering that the playstyle of the game seemed to have changed. However, over time, we started getting lots of emails from people stating that they were unhappy with the show’s new direction. The comments on iTunes reflected that as well. It was disheartening since I put over five years of work into this show (where were you people when we needed five-star reviews?).

Things were getting bad. The positive emails stopped coming in and were replaced with “WTF?” emails about the direction the show was going in. I expressed my feelings about this to Alachia and to make a long story short, she gracefully and respectfully decided to step down as co-host. She hasn’t played WoW in months, so it was difficult to talk about topics when our interests in the game were diverging greatly, especially when I was still playing daily. It was sad to read that, but understandable. There’s still a mic open for Alachia anytime. She still remains my inspiration for looking at the game differently, and is still one of my good friends.

One common thread amongst the emails I got was to bring back Lindyen. He hasn’t been on the show regularly in almost five years, but people keep asking for him to come back. I now announce that starting today, Lindyen will be the new co-host of Warcast…again. We hope to bring the hardcore discussions back to the show that were left behind.

Thanks to everyone for your support, and let your friends know that the show is back, baby! Lindy will be here in about two hours and we’ll be recording then.

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  1. Jaminbee says:

    Not gonna lie, as a long time listener I will be unhappy if the topic of the show returns to a strickly hardcore center, and away from the social aspect of the game. I’m unhappy with alachia leaving but understand the reasoning behind her choice. I am unhappy thatmyself and others who do enjoy the show in it’s current format did not voice our pleasure, that we did not voice our joy with it’s curent topics and our intrest in the opinions expressed.

    I am happy to see lindyen re-join, but that seems out done by my disapontment

    • Starman says:

      The problem with moving towards a social-based show is that now all the hardcore discussions go out the window. I can’t even begin to tell you about all the mail we got saying “I miss the hardcore discussions”, “how can you change the direction of the show?”, “the show isn’t the same, unsubscribing”. Lots of them. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but as time marched on, it occurred to me that by changing the direction of the show, listeners got alienated and offended. If I could, I’d publish the emails I got. They weren’t pretty.

      So I felt the show had to get back to its roots. Without that, I felt like we were pulling a Jar Jar on the fans. I take responsibility for that.

  2. Luis says:

    I’ve always been a fan and listnener to this podcast and I will support any decisions you make Starman. Sad to see Alachia leave but glad to have Lindyen back. Keep the podcast going guys.

  3. Dintalion says:

    While I enjoy Alachia’s style of podcast and her view on the game and the net in general, I think that her show had a different flavor than Warcast. It was an interesting time for Warcast when she joined the group but ultimately I think she will do better in another format. Glad to hear Lindyen is coming back, this remains one of the three best WoW podcasts that I listen to and in the top six on any subject. (That I only listen to 6 podcasts among all the thousands out there puts you in the top percentage already.) Keep doing what you do so well and good luck to Alachia, we’ll be avidly looking to the next wave she makes in the Metaverse.

    • Starman says:

      Thanks, D. Happy that you’re still listening. I hope we go back to the strong topics we had before. Lindy’s already in fifth gear as far as moving ahead.

  4. Naviene says:

    Woooo Welcome Back Lindy!

  5. notfrancois says:

    I’m sadden to hear this change of direction only few shows after.

    I’ve just checked on iTunes; the last three reviews from June 22 have only one star out of 5 ….
    I don’t know if it’s a difference of culture (being french) but i’ll never give the minimal note to a quality show because of a focus inflection. I find this disrespectful for the hosts and the interviewees. I don’t think I can associate myself with a “community” like this. Also, I think the long duration between each show and the fact that this expansion is over didn’t help. I know lots of good players who play something more challenging while waiting for Cata.

    For my part, I wanted to give a good review since the start but been rejected by the US store for not having a credit card in a US bank. I participated a little to the google buzz and noticed the feedback was positive there.

    I follow the show since mid 2008 and appreciated all the hosts but I’ll really miss Alachia because of her passionate personality and original views while still having the most hardcore experience in PVP and raiding. I really hope she will pursue this direction in another podcast since nothing like that exists by opposition to WoW news&tips overcrowded podcasts.

    I wish both Warcast/Starman/Lindyen and Alachia the best and thank you both for the energy freely invested for us the listeners. It’s so easy to criticize, only few have the courage to do.


    • Starman says:

      I’m sure Alachia will continue on with WoWcast. She’s a pro at podcasting. As far as the one-star reviews, yeah, there were a lot. Lots of emails, too. Where was everyone when we needed the five-star reviews? Thanks for trying to support us, but I think it should come naturally from people. This is the same as when people don’t vote and get pissed that the person they didn’t want won.

  6. GirlWoWgamer says:

    I miss Ren.

  7. Sam says:

    Just my $0.02:

    The biggest problem with World of Warcast is not really the hosts (I wasn’t a fan of Renata at all, but I still listened), but the fact that it’s so unpredictable. It doesn’t need to be weekly, but it would really help to pick a schedule and stick to it (1 episode per month?).

    Also, Warcast was always most interesting when it covered a particular issue in-depth, not so much when it tried to report on current events. Because, again, with the sporadic and unpredictable release pattern, it doesn’t really hold a candle to weekly WoW podcasts such as The Instance or Blue Plz or whatever.

    I’ll be a happy listener if I know when to expect your show, and when the show picks a niche not filled by other podcasts, and sticks with it.

    As to Alachia, I liked her, although the “WoW is now Second Life Meets Facebook” epiphany isn’t an assessment I agree with, and wasn’t interested in hearing about all that much.

    • Starman says:

      Scheduling the show has been all my fault. Time just slips away from me. I have no excuse for it, but ever since I started doing Geekistry three days a week, I’ve been trying to learn how to be on a better schedule.

      Lindy literally drives past my house on his way home, so we’re working on a schedule that would work. We’re looking at every other Wednesday, but may change with football season. Either way, we’ll work out a much more consistent schedule.

      • Lindyen says:

        Also with the good feedback I have been getting for the Mage’s Tower segment, you may see some mini casts coming out in between the regular casts to hold you over. Stay tuned.

  8. Taanay says:

    I’ve been listening to the show for a little over a year now. While Renata was hosting, I enjoyed your discussions and views on various aspects of the game. I also listen to The Instance, and between these two shows, get a great fix on WoW news.

    When Alachia took over for Renata, and the focus of the show changed, I thought, “Hey, this might be nice. A different direction for discussion. I’m down with that.” I have to be honest, it makes me sad to see that so many people have a problem with you changing direction. I thought that your discussions with Alachia were always engaging, and I liked that you talked about topics other than just the patch notes and what it means.

    To a certain extent, I have to agree with Alachia that the game is moving in a much more social direction. If the new RealID features are any clue, Blizzard seems to want us to be able to talk to each other, and have a large community. Podcasts such as yours wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for that shift in focus. I like that you talk about more social aspects of the game because that’s a huge part of it. I love The Instance for their discussions of mechanics and other news, but they don’t always focus on some of the other aspects of the game.

    I don’t necessarily want to listen to two podcasts about the same thing. That said, I know your views will likely differ from Scott and Randy’s. That alone makes World of Warcast worth listening to. I still plan to listen to every episode, and I love your show. I also listen to Citizen Azeroth, and my subscribe to WoWCast now. I wish you all the very best, and keep going. I plan to listen to your show until the very last episode.

    • Starman says:

      A social-based show wouldn’t have lasted long term. Talking about pugging and Facebook integration would have only gone so far. There’s a new expansion coming out, class trees to talk about, and so much going on, that the social experiment would have failed.
      The Instance is a great show, as is Ren’s and WoWcas, but I think that a social-based show would have simply gotten ignored once hardcore interest in the game started picking up, especially now that more and more people are getting in the Cataclysm beta.

      • Taanay says:

        I see your point. I guess there’s only so much you can talk about regarding the social scene. That said, I hope you and Lindyen continue to talk about some the more casual and social aspects of the game. I want to hear your interpretations of what is going on in the game as far as mechanics and balance and things of that nature, but I also want to know what’s going on with other aspects of the game.

        I haven’t been playing regularly for at least a month now, and I think that a large part of that is that I haven’t had any friends that get on regularly. I agree with what you guys have been saying, that the game is much more social. I find that I have much more fun when I’m playing with friends.

        Anyway, it’s your show, and I’ll keep listening to it no matter what direction you choose to take it. Also, I really like your iPhone app. It’s so great to have server information at my fingertips and on the go.

  9. Shamblerman says:

    I started listening to Warcast about 18 months ago and amongst the changes I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the discussions. Despite Alachia leaving I expect you guys will continue to do a great job and I’m looking forward to Lindyen’s input so it’s good to see you mate.

    I do wish Alachia every success. Her ideas were intelligent, refreshing and her attitude to change can with an energetic spark of industry. I also agree with other listeners that there is certainly a forum for Alachia’s game perspectives.

    Yes, there’s only so much we can discuss on the social components of the game but that doesn’t mean there can’t be a place for both hardcore and other listeners. I reckon you guys will find that balance.

    Keep up the good work and thanks for your efforts in doing what it takes to keep the show running.

    Shambs, Australia

  10. Jim R. says:

    I had some hopes that the social-based shows were going to be heading towards something similar to Patrick and Shawn’s now discontinued “How I WoW” podcast only with Starman and Alachia. I do sometimes miss the niche their show filled.

    Starman, you seem to be well-adjusted to doing interviews with Geekistry so I think given the right format and perhaps a little time, it might have worked out. But in all honesty, I agree with most others, Warcast just isn’t that type of show. Good to see it’s going back to its roots. You, personally, bring a much-needed critical take on some aspects of WoW where other podcasts don’t. That’s one of the many reasons I’ve continued to listen to Warcast over the years.

  11. Molsan says:

    I just finished listening to episode 105 and was shocked when I heard that Alachia was stepping down. I was really looking forward to hearing more about the social impact WoW has had on the community and vice versa.

    While I enjoyed episode 105 for the most part, I hope that there will be room for all kinds of discussions. Topics like raiding, gold-making, leveling Mages, etc., but also cover the thoughts and ideas that Alachia had brought to the table.

    Best of luck with the new (err, old?) format for the show!

  12. Mike says:

    Well, good to see you guys continuing on. I’ll agree with the other listeners that the sometimes large gaps between shows made me wonder if ya’ll had given up, but like everyone, you guys have lives too and since we’re not paying for this bit of entertainment, whenever ya’ll get around to it is fine. It’s also understandable to have fallen into a rut – I personally haven’t played WoW myself in about 3 or 4 months. I just still like to play vicariously through podcasts :D.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  13. Michael Flynn says:

    I’ve always loved Warcast,that being said the shows with Alachia really started to dip(You could tell Her heart was not in it)
    Ep# 105 is excellent..Lindy gives that spark and refreshed feel the show really needs.

  14. Nazog says:

    Hello, while I liked Alachia as a host, I wasn’t a huge fan of the focus of the show the last few months. Im glad that the show seems to be going back to its original type format. Also, thank you so much Starman for dedicating yourself to keeping this show going. I’m sure there is much sacrifice and hard work to keep a show like this running and I’m sure I’m not alone in saying your effort and time are greatly appreciated.

  15. Sam J says:

    I recently started listening around Oct 09, and after listening to more of your earlier (i.e. 2005,2006) podcasts, I gotta say I do prefer this version. I’m not a hardcore raider, I do what i want in the game but I’m there to have fun. I did agree with Alachia about WoW moving towards more Social orientated ways, because she was right. I’m just not sure you can bring the ‘hardcore’ element back when WoW isn’t a hardcore game anymore.

    Anyway, I’ll continue listening coz I <3 you all and will support your decisions

  16. Finalrogue says:

    YAY! Lundy is back, that makes meh happeh!

  17. B.S. says:

    I’m upset about Alachia leaving; and as listener, I feel this was too sudden and unexpected.

    I don’t believe she was fully at fault for the way the podcast was going and if her opinion bothered you (due to bad reviews), then, as the host, you should have steered the topic in a different direction. Alachia had a lot to offer the show besides talking about the social-direction WoW is going.

    From my perspective, it seems like you are blaming her for the bad reviews and that is unfair.

    I’ve enjoyed listening to both of you very much and don’t mean to be harsh, but thought I’d give you my opinion since I’m a fan of the show.

  18. Finalrogue says:

    Lindyen, if you could guess how many things of Magefood u made for peps over the past 5 years how many Hungry Taurens do you think you could feed?

    • Lindyen says:

      If I could add up how many individual stacks of mage food I made in the 40 man raiding days, it would overwhelm the number of mage tables of today.

      As far as how many hungry Taurens could it feed? All of them.

  19. Thr33dog says:

    Hey Lindyen do you like any of the new Changes/spells coming to your main class in cataclysm,why or why not?

    • Lindyen says:

      Great question. As of right now I am not in the beta and haven’t seriously looked into the Cataclysm changes yet. But I am always looking for new things to chat about and now I will start looking into this. Thanks for the feedback!

  20. Ravenwings says:

    I recantly discovered your show via I tunes, I feel it is the ONLY show that helps me with the game at all, I play a Nightelf Hunter (Lev 85) on “Lethon”

    I would love to hear some hunter content. ie what stats to look for in equipment ect.

    I have learned most of this from the school of hard knocks,. but up and coming hunters could sure use a spotlight show.

    On another note If I hear the term “Huntard” again
    I am going to scream! This is a tough class to get a handle on, and with all the changes to our talents and pet ablitys it is hard to know whitch end is up.

    All the best

    -Ravenwings- Knights of Loki

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