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When the site first came online, I had direct links to the AAC and MP3 files. I created MP3 files for those of you that were unable to play AAC files on your computer or device. Since the podcast got picked up by iTunes, I dropped the direct links, but kept the RSS feed links for those of you that use podcast subscription applications like iPodderX (Mac) or FeedDemon (Windows).

Looking at the stats of the downloads this morning, ZERO people downloaded Episode 2 in MP3 format, it’s all been AAC. Only 19 people downloaded Episode 1 in MP3 format which makes me wonder if anyone’s using MP3 at all to listen to the podcast.

I know that there are AAC plugins for Winamp, but I don’t know if there are any for MusicMatch or Windows Media Player. I tried WMP 9 and it choked on grabbing the right codec.

So I have two points here:

1) Does anyone care about direct links?
2) Should we even bother making MP3 versions anymore?

Let us know in the forums.

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