WoW’s hidden treasures: Grim Batol

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Editor’s note: This is an idea I’ve had for a while – to write about the hidden corners of Azeroth that might have gone unnoticed, even before the XP boost. When I saw Kichelle mention on Twitter that she was checking out Grim Batol, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to get this series started. I think Kichelle did a great job in writing about an area that I’m sure not many people have visited, or even heard of. -*

Here and there around Azeroth, there are places you may have stumbled upon at tender levels, where you suffered a swift and shocking death. This was due to the mass of level 58 elites that converged on you when you poked your curious nose into their zone.  This has happened to me a few times, and hopefully you were enjoying your game enough for it to happen to you too! Once I reached level cap, it occurred to me (after I stopped dancing and got a little bored with heroics) to go back and do the exploring I’d wanted to do before, while getting a bit of one-shot revenge.

One such place is the elusive Grim Batol, tucked deep into a dragonkin guarded area of the Wetlands.  It certainly wouldn’t be an easy place to find at the zone’s natural questing level.  Once you hit the first Red Wyrmkin, it is rather a long walk to pass through the five ominous sets of  Dragonmaw Gates, and the increasingly fearsome Wyrmkin to actually reach the door of Grim Batol.  The way is littered with broken siege engines and the bones of huge dragons one does not normally encounter in Eastern Kingdoms.  After passing through the final gate, protected by Scalebane Royal Guard, another broken siege vehicle on a small hill points the way to the entrance of Grim Batol.

Considering the carnage you are leaving behind you, at this point you are expecting anything, anything but…a deserted moss covered door that won’t open?!  No guards in sight, no sad, lonely dwarf sitting by a fire waiting to tell you the story of this ruin.  There are only the flags of the dragonkin that seem to hold the fortress, and the bones and broken weapons of would-be raiders on the steps.

The place appears to strongly resemble Ironforge, and there are lights in the towers that spark my curiosity as to who the inhabitants might be and what they are doing in there.  I can’t handle the suspense, so a trip to answers a few questions for me.

It tells me that Grim Batol was founded by dwarfs, which could have been seen by anyone, but that the Red and Black Dragonflight took it after it was held for a brief time by orcs.  The article writer speculates that something powerful is being protected or held inside, that the dragonkin are guarding ceaselessly.  For more interesting lore, check out the article at

Grim Batol’s name is peppered all over forums about WoW with questions about whether or not it will be opened up for a raid or 5 man instance in the future.  With many players speculating that Blizzard is winding down for expanding content, this might be unlikely, given the amount of places in Azeroth like this.  However, you never know…someday you might find yourself heading to Menethil Harbor with other players, preparing to face the dragons of Grim Batol, at the behest of Magni Bronzebeard or Thrall.

Don’t forget that there is more to the game than Ulduar and Dalaran,  the places you might have hurriedly capered through in your quest for the level cap are filled with places for you to explore, if you have the time and the curiosity.

Sidenote: if you like to see the sights of Azeroth, go southwest from the door of Grim Batol, and pause for a moment on the very high cliff you will encounter.  You can see the high faces of the Stonewrought Dam from here.


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  1. Rubbaducky says:

    I am in the same boat. I’ve gotten tired of the same old stuff over and over. Your post gave me the spark I needed to really go back to the start of the game and take a look around at all the effort blizzard has put into creating Azeroth and making it more than just a place you run a character through. They gave it life, history, a story. Everywhere you look you can see signs that give you an idea of just how long this world has been around. Great job to Blizzard for that and thank you Kitchelle for giving me that spark of exploration I needed.

  2. Andrew says:

    Is this web site updated?? I listen to the podcast and keep hearing you say that you’ll post the link to things here… Its November and nothing here since July… What am i doing wrong??


  3. Keith says:

    Love Grim Batol. I explored it years ago, and have been impatiently waiting for something to happen there. I’m rather heavily invested in the dwarfs, so dwarven ruins hold a particular magic for me.

    All the Avatar folk want to visit Pandora. I want to visit Grim Batol and the Stonewrought Dam.

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