Children’s Week: How to tick off everyone in one easy lesson

| May 1, 2009 | 10 Replies

WhistleThe Children’s Week minicast is going to be coming out later today, after Starman gets home from work and can get the music tacked on and posted. But here is my general impression from having played a little of the PvP part of things, and having gotten my most dreaded part, the Warsong Gulch flag return:

Put simply, from what I could tell, pretty much everyone is miserable in battlegrounds right now.

There are an awful lot of inexperienced BGers who are not geared for PvP, don’t care if they win and don’t want to be there, which ticks off the real BG players. So, some of the hardcore players then take it out on the inexperienced players by ruining any attempts at cooperation so people can get their achievements and get the hell out of there. You’d think they’d either stay out of BGs until things clear off, or they would welcome people getting their achievements and getting the heck out of there, but no, they view these poor folks as sitting ducks and free HKs. You’d think, then, that they (the hardcore BGers) would be happy with the free HKs, but with games going on forever, no flags getting capped, and no real game going on, it just pisses them off further, which makes them more inclined to do things like camp rez points, etc.

I got my achievement because a very nice Alliance DK decided to go into our flag room, and pick up and deliberately drop the flag over and over and let people return it. Of course, this got ruined in short order by another couple Alliance DKs who decided that they’d use this opportunity to shoot fish in a barrel.

I’m not sure what Blizzard was thinking when they put this achievement in. Did they hope that they would introduce battlegrounds to players who had never tried them, by making them go into them for this achievement? Because if this was my first exposure to battlegrounds, let me tell you, I’d tell you that rather have my toenails ripped out than go back into one of those again. I know they can be better than what I have experienced right now.  The battlegrounds created by this debacle are places where tempers are even shorter than usual, and people aren’t really playing the game or put in any situation where they are encouraged to play the game (really, get the achievement and leave is almost the only bearable solution).

I feel sorry both for people getting achievements and for people who just like and want to play battlegrounds — though not sorry for the griefers who are taking advantage of the situation to make life as miserable as possible for anyone not “leet” enough for their league. I’ve heard stories of sustained cooperation and it would be nice to think that those are the rule rather than the exception. But so far, they’re not. This is going to be an ugly, ugly situation for the next several days. I just want to close my eyes and get through it.

I keep reminding myself: this is a game.

I do this for fun and relaxation.

Yeah, right.

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  1. Sean says:

    As always a great post by Renata

    I already did some of the achievements this year and got my second pet with my hunter from this event i now have Speedy and Mr.Wriggles that i got this year (I LUV Mr.Wiggles ^_^)

    I got a group together and we quickly did Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle do to that Achievement

    I just need to find a cook for the the Bad Example achievement but i Dread doing the BG achievements i’ll be the first to say i’m PVE first and never PVP so this is a hard one..for me

    I can hear Starman having a little rant about his mage trying to capture flags.

    This will be alot harder then Noblegardens.

  2. Jucenir says:

    I’m kinda new to WoW. It’s been one month since I started playing seriously. Noblegarden was a totally failure in my WoW life. However, Children’s Week is been a very nice experience. Even tough I’m level 22 I have finished the first part of the quest, (I believe there are more parts). Anyways I got a piglet and I’m looking forward to get the other pets.
    By the way, I didn’t get quiet well about the BG thing… I don’t even know how to get there or if I leveled enough to get there.
    Thanks for the blog and for the podcast as well

  3. Zoltania says:

    Ren, I could not agree more!!!!! I had a similar experience with a Warsong Gulch. There was no killing (or even injuring) for the first 10 minutes. In a battleground arch-enemies were just passing each other in the hallways and helping with achievements followed by a /bow. That was Friday. Sunday was a much different story. The “BG-ers” were all upset that in Eye of the Storm people kept going for the flag. I had already “achieved” what I needed and I was helping some friends out with theirs. I was shocked when the alliance (who I’m supposed to be fighting) were nicer and more respectful than my own team.

    I think Blizz should have done BG achievements with the kids like “Get 50 HK’s with your orphan” or “Get an HK of each race of the opposing faction with your orphan”. That would have been FAR better.

  4. Grayem says:

    I agree with you. This is not the best achievement to have part of a world event. You shouldn’t be taking an orphan into a battleground and killing people. It’s just not in the spirit of the event or the battlegrounds. The other thing is, look how the achievements are super easy then this.
    I thought the Meta Strange Trip was more about the time invested over the year participating in the world events, and less about the difficulty involved in the achievements themselves.
    As for the PVP parts of world events. Consider the other two holidays, Hallow’s End and Winter’s Veil. You had to do battlegrounds but you completed it as a group. Yet with SoHK, you are supposed to do this all yourself.

    It’s kinda like having us all go out to play a ball game twice before, just to play, to suddenly being told we need to all be the MVPs of any game we’re in.

    If Blizz wants us to pvp just to try it out, I’m fine with it. Maybe Blizz should have made the Pinnacle part of Children’s Week similar to Hard Knocks, making it that you have to get the killing blow on all the bosses and also be the one that brings down the drake. That would have been interesting.

    Sorry I’m venting be a long few days.
    Looking forward to the next cast.

  5. Renata says:

    I realized on Monday that they’d put this on the same weekend as an Eye of the Storm weekend, which may explain why everyone in EoTS was even more belligerent than usual.

  6. Trevor says:

    Regarding the children’s week PvP, I’m on the Anvilmar server where 99.99% of the people in the BGs have never ever heard of teamwork or co-operation. I did write a macro just to shout the following to the BGs

    “CHILDREN’S WEEK REQUEST: Please let players with orphans out return the flag – this is a tough achievement!”

    Sometimes I got an ‘OK’, sometimes a ‘Screw You’. Once I actually did get a bit of team spirit in WSG, and also helped someone in AV. I was tempted to follow one of the jerky players to a flag and use my Noblegarden branch to turn him into a bunny right before he could cap the flag!

  7. Grayem says:

    I finally got this done on 5-5-09. Part of me wants blizzard to change this achievement. Yet now after completing it, I feel it takes something away from all the crap I went through to do it.
    Keep it, but lower the requirements to 2/4 or 3/4 to have it completed.

  8. Rhodeblock says:

    I took one look at that achivement and said “screw this, this ain’t getting done”

    The last thing I want in a BG is a distraction. I can’t focus on killing, getting killed and achiveing my “over all winning goal” while babysitting a rather cute brat just to get a title. It’s not worth it for me.

    You’re ether there for the honor points, or your not. I say lets keep it that way.

    maybe if they changed it and said “do each one of the BGs with you child out the whole time” then that makes sense…show them the world, let them experience what it’s like to be a hero. But not watch me actually do specific things that you might have a 10,5, 3 or 1% chance of doing.

  9. Alcuin says:

    I unsubscribed to your podcast after I listened to your rant on another podcast about how unfair it was because the video of Leeroy Jenkins was more popular than you. Also due to the fact that the podcast seems boring and flat with no entertainment value. Too many podcasters seem to be casual gamers or gamers with sub-par knowledge of the game (wtf qq 15g for buying meat cuz you are too lazy to farm?) who are more interested in being “internet-famous” (which is ludicrous) than in providing subject specific content in an exciting, engaging way.

    I detest listening to some “new media” form (ie Youtube/podcasting/etc) where all the main host talks about is the fact that their doing the new media. Their real passion isn’t the theme of their show. Their real passion is the fact that their trying to become famous doing new media. It really makes me LOL when some two-bit wanna be thinks that they don’t actually have to be entertaining. While your podcast is slightly better than some, the rant filled with QQs and the obligatory qualification that it wasn’t a ‘jealousy thing’ put you firmly in the unsubscribe column. Your podcast FAILS, Leeroy.

  10. Ganmalf says:

    this is probably in the wrong place so please forgive me, but i was listening to your recent podcast (Episode 83) and you were talking about the Heirloom gear, more specifically the weapons. you said they can’t be enchanted this is incorrect, they can be enchanted. i have the two-handed axe, and had Crusader on it until lvl 60 and have the +15 agility on it now.

    it can be enchanted but only with enchants that have no lvl restrictions. but still a great podcast!

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