Episode 80 is up

| April 6, 2009 | 23 Replies

Everyone’s favorite pink princess joins us for another fun-filled episode. No, she doesn’t swear.

Christy from AHG joins us
What’s with Death Knights?
What to Death Knights offer?
Christy’s ready for 3.1
Should you merge your account with Battle.net?
Gear changes to Battlegrounds and Arenas
Mage changes in 3.1
Blizzard takes twinking away
Some 3.1 news

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  1. Matt says:

    Is anyone else finding that the mp3 won’t work? Media player doesn’t seem to like it and that’s all I have here at work.. something to do with an invalid format?

  2. Rorus Raz says:

    A nice, meaty episode, but PLEASE just don’t comment on PvP and more specifically Arena. You were dead wrong on a number of issues there (resilience is far from useless).

    I don’t want to be mean or snide here, but while it’s nice to try and cover all parts of the game…sometimes it’s best to admit you just aren’t familiar with some of these parts.

  3. Tim in SF says:

    It would be so nice if you could post the link to the website of your guest. I googled

    Warcraft Christielou
    Wow Christie loo
    Warcraft Christie lou analog

    … and on and on. No result.


  4. Richard McMillan says:

    Your “Listen here” link or RSS Feed is not working.

  5. Chris Stewart says:

    Why the hate for the DK? Just because we kick your ass all over the server, doesn’t mean we’re idiot players that turn off our brains. Sorry that we play for a reason that doesn’t involve you and we use our abilities that we’re given. If you want to keep bitching and crying over a DK, do it to Blizzard. An entire episode of crying and complaining over a class you don’t play is pathetic.

    What does the DK bring to the game? What? Uh, well, it’s fun maybe? The class has a great storyline that nearly every player has chosen to at least try for their opening series. I know, that’s not on your radar because it’s not “for the game”. How self involved can you be? Just quit your bitching because they’re not going anywhere.

  6. Npoleon says:

    Listened to the show 80 and I have question about the many complaints about the DK class and thier apparent lack of in game etiquette.

    Q: Isn’t the real issue the player (people) playing the class, and not the fact that the DK or (back in BC, the Huntards)class is currently over powered? Isn’t the real issue that the “vast majority” of people who level (not necessarrily roll adn try) a DK, are the people who are more aggressive levelers, have more of a desire to be considered “uber, hardcore, or whatever”, and are just ingeneral, trying to feel superior on thier server? The pesonality type of these indiviuals doen;t typically lend itself to an unselfish approach to the game.

  7. Arden says:

    Great cast, more Christy. She really amps the conversation.

    Plus Starman needs to be told that he really is a special little snowflake in WoW from time to time. (You really are one of the elite hardcore raiders Starman. This means that sometimes Blizzard will throw a bone to people that aren’t you. Just saying. I still like you/Ren/the podcast immensely.)

  8. Peter Sonnenberg says:

    Hey Guys,

    Just wanted to say that your show is the best, and that I’m from the GREAT WHITE NORTH (CANADA). I find starman to be no offense to the other pod casters but the most knowledgeable about the topic WoW. Maybe that is just a fluke but it always seems to be a very frank discussion on your show. The wowinsider and the people at the instance rock but they don’t seem to know the game like starman, who seems to think instancing/raiding in Lich is easy or something. I only have one question for you. Are you becoming bored of WoW?

    aviatorman or twitter handle pilotman1624

  9. Starman says:

    Working fine here

  10. Starman says:

    @Rorus, I admitted I don’t play PvP. I forgot who said that resilience is useless (I don’t think it was me) but I read posts on EJ that said something similar. I’ll have to research it

  11. Starman says:

    Yup, sorry


    You can find her in the Podcaster Twitter section above too.

  12. Starman says:

    Are you talking about Christy’s comments? I play a DK, I said that. She’s level 74 now. Yes, the DK brings a good storyline, but the point was that it doesn’t really bring anything that wasn’t in other classes already.

  13. Starman says:

    It could be. I’m playing a DK because I want to do something different. Others in my guild changed classes because they were bored with whatever they were playing for 4 years.

  14. Starman says:

    Not bored per se. I’m enjoying playing the DK. I think people need a break every now and then. Think about it this way: in life you can always do something different, right? In a game, you’re limited to what the developers made, so unless you do something drastically different like PvP, there’s nothing NEW to do in the game, so I need to take a break now and then.

  15. Renata says:

    Re: DKs – I have complained to Blizzard. But I have another forum for my issues so I use it. We have ample evidence that there are many Blizzard employees who listen to the show.

    I never argued that DKs aren’t fun. Our question was not what they bring to the player — it’s what do they bring to the game as a whole. From what I can see, they don’t offer any functionality that wasn’t already in existence with other classes; they’re just overpowered in ways that make the other classes feel less needed. Let’s just say that DKs are the main reason I am glad I leveled up my rogue instead of my warrior as I’d intended. This OP issue has unfortunately led to a lot of people behaving badly, because they can. You actually see this kind of behavior in any class that gets an unexpected and usually temporary boost; I definitely saw this in warlocks when the felguard first came out, for example.

    Unfortunately, there ARE a lot of idiots who are picking up the class because they can “kick ass across the server” and for no other reason, and are giving the entire class a bad name.

  16. Celtia says:

    I agree with Ren and I play a DK as a main (though I’ve been leveling a druid lately). While not every DK is bad, we’re suffering from what I’ll call “Huntard Syndrome”. We’re a popular class that is pretty strong in solo content so there are a number of people who are just not necessarily good players or don’t understand the class properly that give the class a whole a bad name. Every class goes through this when they are seen as overpowered.

  17. Donny says:

    “you guys should do a show about the emerald dream”!!

    and actuly get a topic about Moonkins plz !!! 😀

    Love the show.

  18. Christy says:

    None of us said we disliked death knights as a class. As a matter of fact, I formed a Death Knight only guild. I can like a class and believe it to be overpowered, though.

    And in theorycrafting, numbercrunching universere, there is a belief that it takes far more resilience to mitigate burst damage in PVP for Some Classes (ie, as a mage, you lose far too much of the ability to crit and make burst damage if you lose the four piece set bonus of T7(.5) to be truly viable. For months I’ve been reading avid PVPers discuss it.

    I’ve never heard death knights who didn’t feel their class was overpowered until I did this show. And now, even in feedback from the episode, death knights seem to not agree as to whether or not they’re OP.

  19. Mark says:

    I’ve heard a lot of complaining about the power of the Death Knight. But, aren’t people forgetting that this is a HERO class?!? It makes sense to me that this class would be stronger in some ways compared to “normal” classes.

    All of the DK players (good or bad) have leveled a non-DK class, so they deserve the opportunity to play one.

  20. Starman says:


    That’s NOT what a hero means anymore. That’s what the old definition used to be before Blizzard changed it.

  21. Glakhmed says:

    Be it the purchased authenticator or the one for the iphone, everyone NEEDS to have one. I thought my account was safe. I don’t download attachments or click on links. I don’t go to off the wall web sites. I don’t give out any pertinent account info. I run anti virus and anti spyware software. I don’t do anything that would make myself suspect to being a target of hackers.

    Well, guess what, I was hacked anyway about 3 days ago…

    They took everything that could be vendored or sold in the AH quickly (or in my warlock’s case, de’d). Consumables, mats, weapons, armor, gold, all taken from me by some @$$h0le while I was at work. They did this to 6 characters across 3 realms, which is probably what pisses me off the most, the fact that they were on my account long enough to go as far as they did.

    To make matters worse, it took over 8 freakin’ hours to get to talk to a GM. And the lovely news? I might not get everything (or anything) back.

    How could they have got into my account? I have no idea. But IF (and that’s a big “if”) I continue to play, I will be putting the authenticator on my iphone.

    It seems like the most common complaint about the iphone authenticator is when people let the battery on their iphone die. Well, I think the hassle to get back into your account would be well worth it to log back in and find that your account was the way you left it when you last logged out…

  22. Xealous says:

    Awesome show – just recently found it… but one thing is bugging me; has anyone else noticed how Starman sounds strangely familiar to James Woods? (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000249/)


  23. knightsaber says:


    First off, thanks for the show. Your podcast and “The Instance” is the 2 shows I regularly listen to for WoW information.

    Just like to ask, in one of your recent shows (sorry can’t remember exactly which one) I heard Renata mention in passing something regarding a Discipline Priest AOE leveling build. (If I didn’t hear wrongly)If it exists, is it possible for us to find out more regarding this build? Don’t seem to find much info on the net for this. Thanks.

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