Episode 69: Pally roundtable and a new logo!

| September 28, 2008 | 15 Replies

It took weeks, but we finally got episode 69 scheduled and edited. Whew! Thanks to all our Paladins that helped put the roundtable together.

We also have a new logo! Renata’s friend Damien Shamahan (Shamination on the boards) made a bitchin’ new logo for is. Thanks, Damien! We also have the new logo on items in the World Of Warcast Store.

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  1. Betti says:

    what can you do if your guild does not view a holy pally as anything useful?

  2. Celtia says:

    Find a new guild?

  3. Celtia says:

    Also, love the new logo!

  4. Zuu says:

    Can you put up a direct link please? 🙂

  5. Rille says:

    Ya, leave you guild, and if your alli, transfer to Fenris and join us in MJ, lol.

    Love the new logo!

  6. Renata says:

    Make them listen to this show!

  7. Keairia of Bronzebeard says:

    I am listening to the most recent podcast. And I know of one quest in Hellfire that starts from an item drop in either shadowmoon valley or Netherstorm. It’s the quest for the key to heroic shattered halls where you need to kill Fel Reaver.

    Awesome show and keep up the good work!!

  8. Dellen says:

    i can’t connect to WoW anymore because as soon as i get on i get kicked right off because there are too many people in ironforge

    What should i do

  9. Moomer says:

    Love the new logo its better than the old one by far

  10. yicheng says:

    I like the episode. Great info on Prot and Ret Paladins. My only gripe is that your Holy Paladin seemed a bit unprepared or maybe not as eloquent/talkative as your Prot/Ret speakers, and he ended up being overshadowed by the other speakers. I know that not everyone is necessarily comfortable speaking in front of a microphone, but there were a lot of “umms”, “and stuffs”, “you knows”, “likes”, nervous laughs, and pauses that detracted from the answers. Twisted Nethers recently had an episode with Riha from Banana Shoulders that, as a main Holy spec, I felt was a better coverage. I would have also liked a bit more PvP coverage.

  11. William (Tevax-Thunderlord) says:

    On the most recent podcast you said that it would be neat if someone could get “every” achievement. This isn’t possible. With the original Collector’s Edition of the game, you received a special gift(one of three you could pick). Since each character could only pick one(and each one gives a unique achievement) A panda cub, Zergling, or Diablo. I love your podcasts!!

  12. Starman says:

    That’s true, but in Wrath you can now get all the CE pets on one toon.

  13. iliya says:

    I like the podcast, don’t get me wrong, but I felt that the choices for paladins were not the best ones. I mean, if you wanted people that had extensive experience with paladins, you’d have chosen those that played during the dark days of 1.9 and previous and who do you get? A bunch of, in yours or their own words, Jonny/Jamie Come Latelies that, in spite of their respectable showing, just seemed like they didn’t know enough to satisfy those that have been around longer and what needed to know the right things about paladins…

    …and you choose ONLY Horde paladins?! What a rip off.

  14. Icesnake says:

    I’d love to listen to the podcast, but I refuse to let Apple install their iTunes crapware on my computers, and it’s impossible to find a direct download link.

  15. Starman says:

    @icesnake – there’s a link to the RSS feed right on the front page.

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