Episode 271, “Antorus Slurpees”

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Discord: https://discord.worldofwarcast.com

Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/starmike

Special Guest Cara (@xanadara) joins us!


Achievements continue

More from Ulduar

Still having problems with XT

May be my fault – timing of the bots/heart


Got “Maybe He’ll Get Dizzy”

Got my mount

Are we at that point in the game where we finally take our time and slack off a bit?

Cara: Warcraft news lately is all about the future: patch 7.3.5 datamining, Battle for Azeroth speculation… focus on the here and now? Lean in to your community for keeping the game fresh while waiting for new content

*Cara news*

Campfire Chronicles

@CampfireChronic on Twitter and CCOfficialStories@gmail.com

RCC at 7/11 Normal Antorus

SALE! ~ 50% off most pets, mounts, and transmog helms


Seasonal Event! ~ Winter Veil is up til January 2nd

HazelNuttyGames’ video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wpk9FKQrSc

Globe Yeti wild battle pet spawns in the snow globes! Ironforge and Org, not Dalaran – one spawns every 30min



Elixir of the Rapid Mind no longer drops from Savage Gift

Don’t forget to do the followup to You’re a Mean One…, as it rewards Smokywood Pastures Special Gift, which has a small chance to contain Winter’s Grasp or Flames of Ragnaros. *weapon enchantment illusions for transmog*

New Winter’s Veil music was added in Patch 7.1

Farm the mount from Hillsbrad Foothills with characters level 60+

Use the teleporter to Dalaran Crater in new Dalaran to get there quickly

From Discord: Ali – The year is winding down. Maybe talk about favorite moments of the year? Or favorite part of/memories of Winter Veil?

Raaaaaidinnnnng! ~ Antorus LFR Wing 2 opened this week. This includes the bosses Portal Keeper Hasabel, Eonar the Life-Binder, and Imonar the Soulhunter. Wing 3 opens January 2nd.

Overwatch winter wonderland loot boxes up until Jan. 2

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