Episode 270, “That’s it?”

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Life Invasion continuation – won’t be here next week

Yes, I was making a mountain out of a molehill, or YES DAMNIT I CAN FLY NOW

How the raid really works for getting Good Suramaritan

The overwhelmed WoW person’s quick and dirty guide to getting flying

Stupid flight bugs — Murky, stop dismounting me!!

Working on getting my neglected toons un-neglected

Pro tip: If you’re two manning dungeons in WoW, pay attention to dungeon difficulty setting


Yes, you can even screw up 25-man achievements.


Still no new mounts.

This Week in WoW:

Method has finished mythic Argus

320 pulls

Winter Veil starts this week (Dec 16-Jan 2)

New stuff

Hearthstation toy – sets out an “improved” Hearthstone table to play. No confirmation where this is from but possibly from Gently Shaken Gift

Winter Veil Gift is a Toy Weapon Set, which lets you spar with other players. Gives achievement Don’t Play Wi th That In The House

New pet: Globe Yeti. Probably wild, no data on where it is yet

And all the usual stuff — garrison decorations, presents, the Greench dailies

Cara has a new podcast w/ Plaggy Boy called “Campfire Chronicles” – stories about WoW




Trial of Style Season 2 is up.

If you buy the trial, the game banks up your XP post-cap and then gives it to you when you buy it.

NOT SURE HOW I FEEL ABOUT THIS. What about all the stuff I have in my bank?

Several reagents no longer exist: Greater Astral Essence, Lesser Astral Essence, Greater Mystic Essence, Lesser Mystic Essence, Greater Nether Essence, Lesser Nether Essence, Nexus Crystal, Large Glimmering Shard, Small Glimmering Shard, Soul Dust, Vision Dust, Small Glowing Shard, Large Glowing Shard, Dream Dust, Small Radiant Shard, Large Radiant Shard

Illusion Dust is now Light Illusion Dust

Newbie zones are now 1-20.

Ren’s on the PTR on Renatta (two Ts) on Benedictus. I have a channel “worldofwarcast” if folks on Benedictus want to chat while online.

Discussion (@thecowking): What should you farm or bank to prepare for the upcoming expansion?

Discussions in Discord:

The Profession Manifesto for Battle for Azeroth – We want professions that aren’t gated. Also, spend more time focusing on usefulness than story

Cattarina’s idea of having a Discord channel for weekly achievements.

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