Episode 267, “Happily transmuting”

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Our talk about WoW Classic.

This week:

Ren –

Shaman now level 108

Now declaring new main: troll feral cat druid

Going to finish Suramar and get flying — I swear it will be done

Jewelcrafting mounts

Mike –

Mount farming and a lot of toon cleanup.

Achievement farming w/Ali. I still one-shot things.

This week in WoW

WoW Anniversary – until November 30th

Mail goodies:

Celebration Package: 13% XP and rep bonus – 10 second cooldown, multiple uses throughout the next 2 weeks

Stupid tabard though

200 timewarped badges

A letter that starts Interesting Times, first quest to visit a historian in Stormwind or Orgrimmar

Daily quests:

Time to Reflect – 25 timewarped badges for answering a lore question

The Originals – 50 timewarped badges slay Lord Kazzak, Azuregos, and Dragon of Nightmare

Respawn timer 5 minutes

Lord Kazaak – Blasted Lands, north of the Tainted Forest

Azuregos – Azshara, southeast of the Secret Lab

Dragons of Nightmare – can be in Duskwood, Ashenvale, Hinterlands and Feralas

Druids: Dreamwalk can take you to some locations for Dragons of Nightmare (different Emerald Portals)

New badge loot

Bronze-Tinted Sunglasses – cosmetic transmog for 200 TW badges

Two celebration wands for 25 TW badges (5 charges) – Quillboar and Trogg

Tranquil Mechanical Yeti Costume (3 charges) – 50 timewarped badges

Can save TW badges for a variety of toys, mounts, and pets

Pilgrim’s Bounty – November 20 – 27

Do daily quests and earn achievements to earn pets, transmogs, and

Want to get Fine Pilgrim’s Hat, which adds the Pilgrim’s Hat transmog to all armor types – can be found in the daily quest reward Pilgrim’s Bounty

Good for leveling low level cooking & collecting new cooking recipes

The last (for now) thoughts on classic servers.

Battle For Azeroth Q&A

Heart of Azeroth will replace tier bonuses

The incentive will be Heart of Azeroth upgrades and other items.

7.3.5 – Antorus Epilogue quest content, Ulduar Timewalking, preview of Silithus BG, scaling world content.

Rep standing might affect allied race unlocking.

Yes, you can race change to an allied race

Troll posture will be covered in Zandalari allied race

Not as many legendaries in BfA

No plans for 10-man Mythic

Blizz thinks this is an “exciting time” for World PvP. I disagree. Once that hordie hovers over you for the third time, you just tick your flag off.

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