Episode 266, “I’ve gathered and I can’t get up”

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Our talk about WoW Classic.

This week:

Ren –

Shaman: level 96

Shaman challenge spreadsheet (of course it’s a spreadsheet)

Resurrected old Legion baby troll druid

Remembered why auction mules need to be at least level 10

Looking forward to season 12 in Diablo 3

Mike –

Lots of mount runs on all toons. Only got the egg.

I figure out how to solo Deathwing.

Also, I tend to one-shot things.

This week in WoW

Darkmoon Faire ends Saturday

Lich King timewalking

Sunday – Moonkin Festival in Moonglade (1 day)

Observe baby moonkin dancing, napping and moonfiring and get your own temporary Moonkin Companion pet for 24 hours

Other quests let you increase up to 5 moonkin babies following you around for up to 5 days

World boss: Ana-Mouz in Suramar. Drops Skimpy Leather Tunic for transmog.

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