Episode 253, “It’s all about the burritos”

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What’s that thing in the sky?

All of ToS is available in Raid Finder.

Summer Games are out on Overwatch!


Plea to Blizz to remove sharding on NA RP servers temporarily. Approved in two hours?

Yes, true – because RP peeps wanted no sharding.

Still no release date for 7.3 – unlikely to happen before Gamescon in Germany (August 22)

Speculation it may not release until as late as October

A few more bans for selling raids/progression for RL money – Blizzard clear selling them for in-game gold is absolutely not a violation

Mythic Dungeon Invitational:

Clears done; 7 of top 10 clears completed by Europe teams. 2 Americas and 1 APAC (and 6 out of 10 were Horde ppbbbbttt 😀 )

Most popular dungeons: Vault of the Wardens (8/10), Halls of Valor (7/10), Neltharion’s lair (7/10), Black Rook Hold (6/10) Court of Stars (6/10 teams) and Eye of Aszhara (6/10)

Rules deliberately vague on criteria for getting in – timing is just one factor


Lunch with Thorn and Thyst

Lots of thoughts on playing the priest (Disc, Shadow)


Switched mains in Diablo 3

Necro: lot of fun, tired of getting killed a lot

Crusader: “good enough” DPS and don’t have to worry about getting blown up so much – running Blessed Hammer build with the Seeker of Light set

Rep-a-palooza didn’t happen, but at least finished exalted with Darkmoon Faire

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