Episode 252, “Rainbringer”

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Still experiencing life invasions, still playing Diablo III (up to T11, level 50 GRifts)

Haven’t had much time to do anything else


Hit the 500k mark

Started playing the warrior again – up to 17, but too early to tell if it’s a good fit because I can one-shot everything.

Wanted to play the priest. No time.

Timewalking mount

This week in WoW

Northrend Timewalking Dungeon Event

Darkmoon Faire this weekend (8/6-13)

New Darkmoon Dirigible mount coming in 7.3 for 180 tickets — start saving now!

New cat mount/pet

We talk about today’s Twitch Q&A session w/Ion.

Other news

7.3’s Blood of Sargeras: Primal Sargerite

new crafting reagent

Transmute: Primal Sargerite (1 Primal Sargerite from 25 Blood of Sargeras)

recipe comes from Alchemist Funen in a new zone, Krokuun

Argus world quest rewqrds

If you are revered with Armies of Legion, can purchase a shoulder enchant that will increase drop of Light’s Fortune, which contains Primal Sargerite

What requires Primal Sargerite:

all kinds of new recipes for armor, jewelcrafting, engineering, alchemy

example: Tears of the Naaru (shows all demons on minimap for 30 minutes)

Primal Obliterum: needed to advance crafted armor to 935

Why Icy Veins says to dump Defiled Augment Runes before patch 7.3

“Patch 7.3 comes adds a new faction called Army of the Light and at Exalted you can buy a new BoP rune that has the exact same stats as the old one (Lightforged Augment Rune). It seems it won’t get consumed on use, so Defiled Augment Rune will be relevant only by the time players reach Exalted with the new faction. “

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