Episode 251, “Stop draggin’ my Ashbringer around”

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Life invasions > demon invasions

WoW – still plugging away at exalted

– finished Armies of Legionfall

Diablo III — Season 11 started 8 PM EST on July 20, running a necro

– When I checked at 20 hours in, the highest season necro was level 70 and running level 86 greater rifts (GR 60= T13). I was level 8 and grateful for pants.

– Necro is level 70 running T4 (GR 17)


How to report a bot

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This Week:

– World Quest Bonus Event – rep gained with all Legion factions increased by 50%

– World Awaits quest – 5k order resources for completing 20 world quests

– Kirin Tor Tavern Crawl (July 31st)

– find Tipsi Wobblerune outside your faction’s inn in Dalaran – she will go to diffferent inns every few minutes (pay attention to chat)

– each tavern will have Tavern Enthusiasts, new drinks and food

– some short term items such as Tavern Finery (a hat), food or drink that changes your appearance

– Hozen Pool Party on the Veiled Stair


Changes to world bosses

– bosses like Withered Jim

– rotation is currently random but will be changed to a fixed rotation

Raiding with Leashes V – The Cuteaclysm

– Collect in Bastion of Twilight (3 pets), Blackwing Descent (3 pets), Throne of the Four Winds (2 pets), Firelands (4 pets), and Dragon Soul (3 pets).

– 8 of the 15 pets are elemental pets. There are also 2 magic, 2 dragonkin, and 1 each of mechanical, undead, and beast.

– Achievement reward is the Amalgam of Destruction, an elemental pet.

– Christie Golden writing another novel. No idea what it’s about yet.

– ToS Wing 3 on the PTR

– No more XP or Vista support come October, except Overwatch

– Russell Brower leaving Blizzard after 12 years.

Aker sends us a lot of information about what it’s like to be in Method.

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