Episode 220, “Pokemom”

| October 18, 2016 | Reply

Special guest Pamela Horton (@pamelahorton13) joins us!

(Mike is a little sick. Forgive the raspy voice!)

Hallows End returns tonight

Now that we’re a few weeks in, what’s your routine?

Are alts still a pain to level? Mike has one, Pam has…more.

Favorite holiday events.

WoW Q&A – Mike’s question was used!

WoW Q&A link: https://www.twitch.tv/warcraft/v/94908250

My question was at 30:53

Artifact power fatigue?

7.1 dropping next week!

Holy paladin secret artifact appearance found.

Mike and Pam working on a super secret project?

Follow Pamela on Youtube and check out her Drawesome Gaming series.


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