Episode 131 is up, “New Horde profession-chiropractor”

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This Week:

Eric – started a healer, tried out a rogue, warlock, and monk.

What’s the WoW experience like for new players?

Mike – Worked on getting his mage DPS a little higher. Still not as high as he’d like. The search for better raid frames continues.

All current raids will have a 10% buff when patch 5.2 lands.
Blizzard says the macro system can use an overhaul.
Project Blackstone unveiled – conencted to Starcraft 2: HoS.

Green Fire quest for warlocks.
Feat of Strength for people that finished current raids on Normal/Heroic (NOT PTR).
Current conversion for 5.2
LFR is up this weekend. iLvl 480 minimum.

Mod of the Cast:
Mike – Auctioneer
Eric – Rarity

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