Episode 129 is up, “A Boy and His Boss”

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After eight years, we changed our theme.

Warcast will be recorded every Thursday.

What we did this week:
Mike finished with Golden Lotus and tried soloing Naxx 10.

Eric opened up the post-GL quests and worked on Brawler’s Guild fights.

Blizzard says they’re not getting rid of addons (via WoWInsider).

PTR 5.2 updates – we don’t have any because we haven’t tranferred our toons over there yet. Next show we will.

Getting gear for xmog – is it fun? Is it worth it? Does it eat up your bag space?

Blizzardverse – New cinematic for Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm.

Mod of the Cast:
Mike – Dominos
Eric – Screengrid

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